Season 8 – Mid-Season Recap “It’s been years since the sandwich” Edition


  • Here are some stats from the first half of the season so far!
  • Highest Score: 198.68 Tommy (Week 4)
    • Runner Up: 173.25 Jason (Week 3)
  • Lowest Score: 62.00 Jason (Week 6)
    • Runner Up: 63.75 Cameron (Week 4)
  • Closest Win: 146.75 Katros to 145.21 Ander (Week 5)
  • Biggest Blowout: 139.50 Victor to 62.00 Jason (Week 6)
  • Highest Median: 127.36 (Week 2)
  • Lowest Median 100.94 (Week 6)


1Steven8-4+1The strongest team in the league. Steven has the most points against, by 100 points and still puts up an 8-4 record. Not to mention he just snagged McCaffrey.
2Tanis7-5+2One start/sit decision from being the only 9-3 team in the league. With these newly made acquisitions, my team is a contender for first place.
3Jason8-4+2Jason just came off his worst week of the season, and will try to bounce back without Dalvin Cook this week, that said he can pop off at any moment.
4Marcos7-5-1Marcos’ team is on the border of elite. With two weeks since beating the median, he’s bound for some positive regression.
5Katros6-6+5Newly found Titan’s fan. How far can his two RB1s take him? Katros has been the newest threat in the middle of the season, lets see if he can keep the ball rolling.
6Eric7-5-5No team has fallen from grace more than Eric. Eric hasn’t beat the median since week 3, which is coincidentally the last week I made a recap.
7Ander4-8He’s just a few start sit decisions away from an 8-4 record. Even after sustaining week after week of injuries he manages to come back stronger.
8Victor5-7Two great weeks in a row bring his team to 5-7, that said, Kamara is basically the only player on his team.
9Tommy5-7-3Dak’s injury will have repercussions across his whole team, his team is a shell of its previous self.
10Julio5-7-1Hasn’t scored less than 100 points in a single week this season but consistently mediocre teams aren’t impressing anybody.
11Gio5-7Some things don’t change. Gio avoids injury in every trade that he makes but his team somehow still gets worse.
12Cameron3-9Depth? No. Breakout Talent? No. Michael Thomas? Traded away. Luckily he plays Gio this week, it’s his best shot of continuing his comeback.
13Recaps4-2-134-2 on the season, not a losing record but far from undefeated. At least there’s more recaps than wins Cameron has.
These Official Power Rankings are completely unbiased and purely objective.


#1 Steven (8-4) VS #3 Jason (8-4)

Jason has a chance to prove himself without Dalvin Cook, and Steven has to play without Calvin Ridley or McCaffrey. Neither team is at its strongest but both teams are top tier. I’m taking Steven this week.


#11 Gio (5-7) VS #12 Cam (3-9)

Welcome to the Mid-Season Toilet bowl! Two teams gunning for the bottom of the list face off in an epic battle of “Who will beat the median?” Will either team score 80 points? Will they both lose? Will they TIE? Who know?

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