Season 8 – Week 3 Recap – 0-2-1 Edition


  • Tanis beat Victor in last week’s game of the week! Catch us at Chipotle soon.
  • Jason put up a season high 172.50 points (two more than Marcos’ 170 last week)  against the second highest scorer this week (Tommy 146.25). Sucks to be Tommy but this is why we have a median.
  • Eric remains as the only undefeated team in the league while Cameron is on pace to beat my infamous 0-14 start last year.


  • Most of the league has paid their dues, time to call out the rest. Tommy, Cameron, Steven, Eric PAY YOUR DUES.


S1Eric6-0He’s been undefeated but has only played losing teams so far this year, how far can he go?
2Steven+15-1Beat Marcos to take the second spot in the power rankings, some people say he has the best team, we’ll see about that .
S-3Marcos-14-2Took a double loss this week against Steven and has another tough matchup against Eric.
A4Tanis+24-2Week 1 was a fluke, and I have the easiest matchup (Cam) this week. Looking to keep the ball rolling.
5Jason+34-2Big week for Jason. Looks to be on the up and up.
B6Tommy+13-3Had the second best week even though he lost the head to head.
7Ander+23-3Lost to the median by 1 point, ouch.
C8Victor-41-5I’m off the bandwagon, it’s not his opponents, its him.
9Julio+12-4Lost against Eric but put up points and beat the median.
D10Katros+11-5Got his first ever fantasy football victory… over Gio, kind of a win. Gio’s taking a dive after losing to the rookie.
11Gio-63-3The toilet will once again welcome you with open arms my friend.
F12Cam0-6When will he get his first victory? Over/Under at Week 5.5, I’ll take the over.


#1 Eric (6-0) VS #3 Marcos (4-2)

Eric’s toughest matchup of the year, can he keep his streak going? Every week he plays against a tougher opponent and gets closer to losing, Macos could be the one. Marcos was the highest scorer week 2 and had his worst week last week, he could see some positive regression against Eric. Who are you taking in this matchup? I’m taking Marcos.

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