Season 8 – Week 2 Recap – The Worst Trade Deal in the History of Trade Deals Edition


  • Marcos beat Victor in last week’s Game of the Week! It wasn’t even close.
  • Marcos scored a season high 170 points beating out Steven from last week by 4 points!
  • Cameron scored a season low 64 points, more than 100 points less than Marcos this week.
  • The League Median was 15 points higher this week, bringing the average up to 119 points, which is almost twice as high as Cameron’s team scored this week.
  • Victor (337) has almost 200 more points against Julio (165). The biggest difference we’ve ever seen in the first two weeks of fantasy football.


  • Out players can now be put on IR slots, note that doubtful and questionable players still cannot.


1Eric4-0+1Consistently high scoring against solid opponents
2Marcos4-0+1Surely Aaron Jones can’t put up 40 points every week
3Steven3-1-2Put up a season low 129.55 points this week,  and lost to the 2nd worst team last week. What a trash can.
4Victor1-3Poor Victor. Should probably be at least 2-2 but keeps playing against the highest scorers.
5Gio2-2Had an unimpressive win against Jason, felt like a loss tbh.
6Tanis3-1+5Almost doubled last week’s points for and took down the #1 team.
7Tommy2-2+2Solid destruction of the rookie, that’ll earn him a few points on the PR.
8Jason2-2-22nd easiest schedule but still having trouble finding the W’s.
9Ander2-2-1Recipient of: The Worst Trade Deal in the History of Trade Deals. But surprisingly still put up points this week.
10Julio1-3Will Fuller is still better than Cameron’s WR’s so no change.
11Katros0-4+1Moved up, not because his team is any good, but because someone found a way to be even worse.
12Cameron0-4-5Cameron is tonight’s biggest loser. Probably next week’s biggest loser as well.


#4 Victor (1-3) VS #6 Tanis (2-2)


I couldn’t play against Victor at a better time this year. Given Victor’s luck, I should outscore every team this week, probably put up record breaking numbers and make an even bigger upset than last week. Luckily for Victor, I have the most flip floppy team in the league. Will Victor pull through and win his first head to head matchup of the year or will he drive to Chipotle and buy me a chicken bowl? I’ll think I’ll text him my order now.

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