Season 8 – Week 1 Recap – The Football Team Edition


  • Ander (101.50) beat Julio (100.50) on the last minute of the last game on Monday night, for the closest victory of the season by 1 point!
  • Steven (166.66) outscored last year’s highest week 1 score (Tommy 164.30) by 2.36 points!
  • The League Median was 112 points this year, 20 points lower than last year. Points were very inflated last year, so this was expected.
  • I have been the lowest scorer week 1 two years in a row! And this year I scored 10 whole points less than last year!


  • Most of you haven’t paid your dues yet, venmo or cash app me $15 please!
  • Payout will be:
    • Champion: $100
    • 2nd: $35
    • 3rd: $19
    • Highest Scorer Each Week: $2
  • The first player to catch Covid was on Katros’ team, but it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of his match at all.


1Steven2-0Highest Scorer Week 1 and best overall team
2Eric2-0The Glass Cannon team of fantasy football. Good starters but a weak bench, one injury could cripple his team.
3Marcos2-0His bench can take on a team by themselves.
4Victor1-1Third highest scorer this week but still have to pay for Steven’s Chiptole, karma for winning last year.
5Gio2-0Really trying to not be in the toilet bowl this year, making good pace
6Jason2-0Gave the rookie a good beating this week and barely beat the League Median. Will be a very flip-floppy team this year.
7Cameron0-2Losing MT is a big hit but his team is still solid without him. Lost to the Median by less than a point, oof.
8Ander1-1Proud recipient of the  Monday Night Miracle. Maybe it’ll keep him out of the toilet bowl this year.
9Tommy0-2CEH is will be a fantasy machine but what else does he really have?
10Julio1-1Lost Lev Bell and Kittle but still got a dub, gonna be tough to keep it up.
11Tanis0-2Best manager in the league, but it’s easy to pick starters when your whole team is shit.
12Katros0-2Welcome to the league buddy. It’s gonna be a long year.


#3 Marcos (2-0) VS #4 Victor (1-1)

A battle of the big leagues here. Both teams have the potential of being the highest scorers this week. Will Victor score 130+ points and lose once again? Will Marcos start the wrong players but still beat Victor? Will Katros lose again and go 0-4 this week? The storylines are beginning to unfold, who do you think will come out on top?

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