Week 2 Recap – Era of the Backup Quarterbacks Edition

Swag Lads Szn 7 – Week 2 Recap

Era of the Backup Quarterbacks Edition


  • Victor pulled an upset in this week’s game of the week and brought his win/loss to (2-2). Good job Victor. I didn’t believe but someone did.
  • Steven put up the most points this week with 150+, funny how the two people who haven’t paid their dues yet have scored the highest so far. Also funny how they both played against me.
  • Julio ran the numbers on strength of schedule so far (based on points against) is: Tanis who has faced the highest scoring teams,  followed by Ander, Julio, Mendoza, Victor & Gio (tied), Eric, Steven, Marcos, and finally Tommy, with the easiest opponents so far.
  • Gio and Ander made a HUGE trade that involved trading first round picks (D Hop to Ander and Juju to Gio) just in time for Ander to play me next week.
  • Three teams beat the League Median by <4 points and Ander lost to it by 2 points. It’s proving to be very determinative.


  • Tommy and Steven should pay their dues. Venmo/cash app me 20 bucks boys.


1Steven4-0+1Highest Scorer this week and most PF
2Marcos4-0+1Second highest scorer this week
3Mendoza4-0+189 yard touchdown jr saved his week
5Julio2-2+1Beat the median this time
6Ander1-3-14.26 more points and he’d be 3-1
7Victor2-2+1Won without a QB but the Chargers D scored 4.20 so gg
8Gio1-3-1Outscored me by 1 point
9Eric0-4Had to keep me company all the way at the bottom of the tier list.
10Tanis0-4I’m really making things happen for myself this season.


#2 Marcos (4-0) VS #9 Eric (0-4)

Top vs bottom. Good vs evil. Marcos vs a bad team. This matchup is one legends will be written about. A David vs Goliath-esque matchup pitting the top of the power rankings against the bottom. Who will come out on top?

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