WEEKS 7-9 RECAP | Post Midseason Edition


Post Midseason Edition


  • The very bottom is starting to separate itself from the very top! Every team can theoretically still make the playoffs but those teams with 6+ wins are all but guaranteed a spot. It’s clear who’s teams are good, and who’s aren’t now.
  • Marcos is on pace for 1773.92 points this season, the highest scoring regular season ever seen in swag lads history, beating out Eric’s 1634.55 point season from 2 years ago. That’s over 130 points per game.
  • Ander made over 800 dollars on Fanduel last week!
  • Every single team this year is outscoring their all-time average points per game. Eddy, the lowest scorer this year is only 4 points behind Willy who has the highest all-time average points per game with 109.47. This year may be the highest scoring year ever, only the 2016 year is close.

Power Rankings

1 Marcos 7-2 +1 Undeniably the strongest team this season, maybe the strongest team ever.
2 Cameron 6-3 -1 Had his worst week last week but will bounce back
3 Ander 5-4 +3 Has put up over 400 combined points the last three weeks
4 Steven 6-3 +3 Three game winstreak
5 Jairo 4-5 -2 Third most points for, but most points against. Gotta keep fighting
6 Felipe 6-3 +3 113 points per game which is bottom 25% of the league, but the second least points for
7 Tanis 4-5 -3 160 points last week, but now I face Marcos this week
8 Willy 4-5 +2 Most improved since the start of the season
9 Eric 4-5 +2 On a two game winstreak, but one of them was against Victor so it’s not that impressive
10 Victor 3-6 -5 Most unimproved since the start of the season
11 Julio 3-6 -3 Second to least points for and on a 4 game loss streak
12 Eddy 2-7 Unfortunately lost when he put up 140 points last week, I believe in you Eddy!


Next Week’s Game of the Week is

#3 Ander (5-4) VS #4 Steven (6-3)


Battle of the RBs. Ander can casually flex Alvin Kamara because he has two other RB1s, while Steven’s Marlon Mack pickup was one of the best of the season. Neither of them have notable receivers so it’ll be a war waged on the ground. Things to look for in this matchup: Fitzmagic going off for Ander and Dion Lewis continuing his two game streak of 18+ points for Steven. Who will ultimately win? My bet is on Ander this week.

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