WEEK 6 RECAP | Thursday Night Edition


Thursday Night Edition


  • In last week’s GAME OF THE WEEK Marcos DESTROYED Felipe by a season high 110.64 point differential by scoring 178 points, the third highest score this year. Felipe is continuing his descent of the power rankings.
  • Victor put up 171 points on Ander, the fourth 170+ point game this season.
  • Every winning team put up 110+ points last week, the most competitive week so far this season.

Power Rankings

1 Cameron 4-2 I would honestly give up my starters for his bench at this point.
2 Marcos 5-1 Most explosive team
3 Jairo 4-2 Doesn’t even need a tight end to win. The irony.
4 Tanis 3-3 +5 Pulled through my bye weeks, it’s clear sailing from now on.
5 Victor 3-3 +5 It pays to have multiple defenses and kickers when you start the right ones.
6 Ander 2-4 Most bipolar team in the league
7 Steven 3-3 -2 Really gonna need Zeke to carry
8 Julio 3-3 -1 TY might as well take another week off because Julio plays against Marcos this week
9 Felipe 4-2 -5 His team is deflating
10 Willy 2-4 +1 Team looks solid af now, would not be surprised to see him move up
11 Eric 2-4 -3 Has virtually 0 RBs
12 Eddy 1-5 Has less RBs than Eric


Next Week’s Game of the Week is

#5 Victor (3-3) VS #7 Steven (3-3)

The two most even of the pack teams face off this week. Expect an average game yet exciting game between the owners who both had Zeke this year. If Victor’s team improved after giving up Zeke? Can he keep the ball rolling after scoring 170 points last week? Will Steven finally break his 2 game loss streak against Victor, his undisputed arch nemesis?

Honorary Game of the Week

#9 Felipe (4-2) VS #12 Eddy (1-5)

Can Eddy take advantage of Felipe’s downward spiral? Will Felipe set his lineup this week?

p.s. Please set your lineup this week.

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