Week 5 Recap | “183 Points? I Can Score That With My Eyes Closed” Edition


“183 Points? I Can Score That With My Eyes Closed” Edition


  • In last week’s GAME OF THE WEEK Willy finally got his first win, and who better to beat then the previously undefeated Felipe? This could be the beginning of the end for Felipe, we’ll just have to wait and see.
  • Marcos came out swinging with 185.84 points, beating Ander’s 183 point week last week and procuring the second highest score ever seen in Swag Lads history. Sad for Jairo who scored 140 points but still ended up losing.
  • Victor finally traded Zeke after losing by less than a point to Julio. That’s two weeks in a row he’s lost by less than 6 points.

Power Rankings

1 Cameron 3-2 +2 Hasn’t had a  bad week all year, garbage time has been treating him nicely
2 Marcos 4-1 +3 185 points.
3 Jairo 3-2 -1 Sometimes your best just isn’t enough.
4 Felipe 4-1 -3 Just took his first lost, and is about to play Marcos this week so it’s not looking like it’s getting any better
5 Steven 3-2 -1 Had an off week but now that he has Zeke it’s looking real good
6 Ander 2-3 Unfortunately it was Brees’ week, not Kamara’s
7 Julio 3-2 +1 Won by the closest margin we’ve seen all year
8 Eric 2-3 +2 Team looks good, I see good things in the future for him
9 Tanis 2-3 Crowell showed up
10 Victor 2-3 -3 It just gets worse for some people
11 Willy 1-4 +1 First win last week and he plays Eddy this week so he’ll probably keep it up
12 Eddy 1-4 -1 Only team with < 500 points for, let’s home Mahomes can save him


Next Week’s Game of the Week is

#2 Marcos (4-1) VS #4 Felipe (4-1)

I know, I know, I’m giving Felipe game of the week again, but to be fair, it is both of the (4-1) teams playing against each other. Marcos set the record for the season with 185 points, it’s unlikely he’ll do it again, and if he follows in Ander’s footsteps his starters will take a break this week after scoring so much last week. Can Felipe stop the tide of losses that are sure to come his way with a win off Marcos? Or can Marcos continue his ascent up the power rankings with another record breaking game?


Honorary Game of the Week

#11 Willy (1-4) VS #12 Eddy (1-4)

The two worst teams square off in what is sure to be a wet noodle fight. Who is destined to go 1-5?

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