Week 4 Recap | Kamara and the Chipmunks Edition


Kamara and the Chipmunks Edition


  • In last week’s GAME OF THE WEEK Ander scored 183.78 points, the second most of ALL TIME. (First: Pedro with 192.28 in Wk13, 2014, Third: Victor with 181.64 in Wk3, 2016)  He almost beat me by a clean 100 points. Ander now holds the two highest scoring weeks of the year (157 and 183).
  • Felipe continues his undefeated streak with a 151 point game against Eric. Felipe is now the only team with under 400 points against.
  • Willy takes another loss even though he put up 119 points. Now Eric, Willy and Eddy are within 5 points of each other with the least points for.
  • I have the most points against (547) now a margin of 20 points (next highest is Cameron with 527). My opponents are scoring an average of 136 points against me.

Power Rankings

1 Felipe 4-0 3rd most points for, and least points against. His team still surprises me.
2 Jairo 3-1 +2 HIs bench scored 124 points this week.
3 Cameron 3-1 Garbage time is actually Cameron’s greatest strength.
4 Steven 3-1 -2 The record says he won, but honestly it was more like he didn’t lose since Eddy only scored 73 points.
5 Marcos 3-1 Had a good week but doesn’t have too many points for, we’ll see if he can continue winning
6 Ander 2-2 +2 183.78 points last week. Even though he’s 2-2 I would not be surprised to see him bounce back, especially with 3 RB1s.
7 Victor 2-2 -1 Case Keenum BARELY overthrew Victor’s chance at winning last week
8 Julio 2-2 -1 Corey Davis.
9 Tanis 1-3 Didn’t even have a chance this week and my starters realized so they did nothing.
10 Eric 1-3 +1 Let’s hope Mark Ingram can save this man’s team.
11 Eddy 1-3 -1 Least points last week, would’ve lost to Jairo’s bench.
12 Willy 0-4 Everything’s going wrong for Willy this year. It’s just sad.


Next Week’s Game of the Week is

#1 Felipe (4-0) VS #12 Willy (0-4)

Arguably the game of the year. Logic says WIlly’s gonna go 0-5, but I believe in what little is left of his team. If Felipe can clutch this out it’s almost guaranteed he’ll make the playoffs, with 5 wins this early on I’d be surprised if he didn’t. It’s do or die for Willy, can he overcome the undefeated Felipe to get his first win? Will Felipe not even break a sweat against the undeniably worst team in the league? It’s David vs Goliath… but in this case it’s Sacrificial Lamb vs Bipe.

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