Week 3 Recap | Year of the Browns Edition


Year of the Browns Edition


  • Last week’s GAME OF THE WEEK featured Felipe destroying Steven in an unexpected upset. We may have to take Felipe’s team seriously now. Good thing we have a rule that new players can’t get first place their first season. And if not maybe we should really think about it…
  • The Browns won their first game in 635 days, is it a super bowl year?
  • Jairo scored 151.84 points, second most of the season behind Ander’s week 1
  • Felipe beats Steven and advances to be the only 3-0 team in the league while Willy… well let’s just say this probably isn’t his year.
  • Every matchup this week ended in an upset, except Willy. He just lost again. Kinda just gave Eric the W for free.

Week 3 Power Rankings

1 Felipe 3-0 +3 Only 3-0 team in the league, but he’s had the easiest season in the league with the least points against (284)
2 Steven 2-1 -1 Placed his bets on the Jags and Ravens last week. Needless to say it didn’t pay off.
3 Cameron 2-1 Not enough garbage time for Cameron to secure the win last week
4 Jairo 2-1 +6 Most points for (399), his team looks really bad on paper but it puts up points.
5 Marcos 2-1 -3 Least points last week (81), he’ll probably bounce back next week
6 Victor 2-1 Crazy impressive win over Marcos who scored the least amount of points last week.
7 Julio 2-1 +1 Left Calvin Ridley with 40 points on the bench. Still won.
8 Ander 1-2 -3 These power rankings are more like a slip and slide than a ladder for Ander.
9 Tanis 1-2 -2 Another sad week for me, my flex didn’t even catch a pass.
10 Eddy 1-2 +2 Traded for Mahomes, we all doubted it, but Eddy might be back in business now.
11 Eric 1-2 -2 Does beating Willy really count as a win? We’re gonna go with a soft no on this one.
12 Willy 0-3 -1 Started from the bottom now we’re… still at the bottom?

Next Week’s Game of the Week is

#8 Ander (1-2) VS #9 Tanis (1-2)

Ander’s fall from grace has been like no other. Scoring 157 points week 1 was a great way to start the season, since then his starters have decided to take weeks 2 and 3 off. Will Ander’s bench score more than Willy’s starters? Will my flex player actually score points this week? Everything is on the line while Willy is 0-3.

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