Week 2 Recap | Who Even Needs Two Starting RBs? Edition


Who Even Needs Two Starting RBs? Edition


  • I scored the most points this week with 151 points, second most of the season so far. Apparently my team has life now.
  • Even with Pat Mahomes scoring 50+ points, Willy still managed to lose for the second week in a row.
  • Eric scored a season low 75 points helping Marcos go undefeated.

Week 2 Power Rankings

Since it’s still early in the season, there will be big changes to the power rankings until things settle down a bit.

1 Steven (2-0) +2 Most points for, almost 100 points more than Willy on the season
2 Marcos (2-0) “Todd Gurley exited the game early” but he scored 3 touchdowns before he left. So that’s how it is for Marcos.
3 Cameron (1-1) +4 *Raises eyebrows at the amount of points he put up last week (142)*
4 Felipe (2-0) +2 Started Devonta Freeman for the psychological aspect
5 Ander (1-1) -4 Kamara score, Ander happy. Kamara has a decent game with but can’t carry the rest of Ander’s team, Ander sad.
6 Victor (1-1) -2 Questionable
7 Tanis (1-1) +4 Got the week 1 jitters but I’m back baby
8 Julio (1-1) +4 Second most points last week (142), maybe Melvin can carry him
9 Eric (0-2) -4 Joining the 0-2 club with style scoring the least points this season last week
10 Jairo (1-1) -1 Scored 128 points but he’ll come down to earth
11 Willy (0-2) -1 Having the most points against is rough, but having the least points for is extra rough
12 Eddy (0-2) -3 Truly Unfourtunette


Next Week’s Game of the Week is

#1 Steven (2-0) VS #4 Felipe (2-0)

Felipe’s got the least points against right now, that’s probably gonna change this week if Steven scores anywhere near his average of 136 point per week. Wouldn’t be surprised if Steven wins this week. Will Felipe set his lineup this week and have a shot to outscore Steven? Will Steven continue his undefeated streak and stay on top of the power rankings? Will Eddy give up before the 1:00 games are over?

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