Week 1 Recap | Tanis’ Birthday Weekend Edition


Tanis’ Birthday Weekend Edition


  • Ander put up 157 points this week, most in the week, beating Willy by over 70 points.
  • Every team except the last  three draft picks (Julio #10, Tanis #11, and Willy #12) scored over 100 points this week. Correlation there?
  • Willy has already traded twice before the first week

Week 1 Power Rankings

1 Ander (1-0) Put up the most points this week
2 Marcos (1-0) Put up the second most points without Goodwin
3 Steven (1-0) James Conner
4 Victor (1-0) Got lucky
5 Eric (0-1) Left too many points on the bench to win, solid team though
6 Felipe (1-0) Surprised me. AP
7 Cameron (0-1) Probably gonna start Desean Jackson next week and he’ll score <2 points
8 Jairo (1-0) Should’ve flexed a TE
9 Eddy (0-1) RBs let him down this week
10 Willy (0-1) Probably gonna bounce back next week
11 Tanis (0-1) Picked the worst defense of all 32 teams this week
12 Julio (0-1) Lost Doug Baldwin


Next Week’s Game of the Week is

#12 Julio (0-1) VS #9 Eddy (0-1)

A classic matchup. A classic rivalry. Both teams purposefully lost last week just to get their first win of the season against each other. Can Julio replace Doug Baldwin? Will Eddy’s RB’s actually attempt to score fantasy points this week?

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