Draft Grades | 2018 Season


THE DRAFT GRADES YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. We all know Yahoo’s draft grades are just straight wrong so I’m here to provide you with the most accurately calculated, most precisely examined, and most unbiased draft grades you could possibly ask for. I gotta say, this draft was the best one we’ve had, it was pretty tough to rate some of you.


Mara and the Monks (1st pick) A- Ander had some bold picks this draft. Alvin Kamara as the first overall pick was questionable as well as drafting the first defense in the whole draft in the 8th round. Matt Breida could be a steal in the 6th round if he turns out to start the whole year.

CONCLUSION: Bold and brash but it might pay off.

I am Spy? (2nd pick) B+ Kerryon my way Johnson! Josh Gordon was a bold pick in the 4th round, but it might work out if the monster that he was a few years back. Marcos showed amazing self control getting Carson Wentz in the 13th round for some crazy value.

CONCLUSION: Solid receiving core, solid running backs + Todd Gurley makes him a good team

MrFreshFruits (3rd pick) D With Lev Bell his team might not be so bad but even that’s not going well for him. Jairo must’ve smoked a fat joint between the 7th and 8th rounds because he apparently stopped paying attention to his roster when he drafted Drew Brees to backup Aaron Rodgers, a kicker in the 9th round and TWO backup tight ends.  At least he can flex one of them.

CONCLUSION: Sometimes your backups needs backups man.

Bainesville (4th pick) A Stealing away Andrew Luck was probably the most aggressive pick in the whole draft. They say the best way to win is to tilt your opponent and Steven did just that. Going three wide receivers in the first 4 rounds was a bold choice. Still, ending up with Dion Lewis and DJ as your RBs isn’t half bad.

CONCLUSION: Good team. Aggressive picks. Probably will make playoffs this year.

Florida Foreheaders (5th pick) C- They say some dreams were never made to be reached. With 8 rounds to pick up Andrew Luck, Victor missed a golden opportunity… 8 times. After Steven drafted Andrew Luck Victor clearly gave up, drafting backup after backup, eventually deciding that if he doesn’t have Andrew Luck he might as well compete with Jairo for last place as he drafted a backup defense and kicker.  

CONCLUSION: Follow your heart, for it will always lead you in the right direction.

Torn ACL (6th pick) B Offering his own ACL to the fantasy gods in exchange for no ACL tears on his roster, Eric had a pretty quiet draft. Taking Gronk in the second and Tom Brady in the 5th he packs a monster TE and QB combo. If Ingram wasn’t suspended for four games I’d say he has a shot at 1st.

CONCLUSION: Gronk fed, Eric happy. Gronk hungry, Eric gets fucked by whoever he’s playing that week.

Bipe (7th pick) D+ Felipe decided beginner’s luck was for pussies. Backup tight end. Backup Quarterback. Backup defense. That’s where it’s at, fuck conventional wisdom. His one good pick was Adrian Peterson in the 7th now that he’s been named a starter.

CONCLUSION: Glad to have another Victor in our league.

Agent Camantha (8th pick) C+ Rookie running backs are where it’s at. At least Cameron seems to think so. Opting for Travis Kelce in the 4th instead of another stud receiver was the most Cameron thing I’ve seen in a long time. Let’s just hope taking the Viking’s defense in the 9th round was worth it..

CONCLUSION: They say defenses win games. But do they win fantasy?

Doop Snogg (9th pick) C Fournette was a reach in the first round, especially since Melvin Gordon was still on the board. Did a great job waiting on a QB till the 11th round but unfortunately drafted Jared Goff. Hopefully it was a misclick. Eddy is clearly going for upside, but his floor is everyone else’s basement.

CONCLUSION: His players have potential, but if they don’t reach it he won’t reach the playoffs.

Suq Madiq (10th pick) A- Following the Fantasy Footballers advice to the utmost extent Julio drafted a team he deems worthy of their praise. Unfortunately, it isn’t. With no stud receivers and a bench full of players that can’t start week 1, something’s gotta go incredibly right for him to win this year.

CONCLUSION: Lot’s of consistency, but no explosiveness.

Mozart’s Balls (11th pick) A Probably the best receiving core in the league but slightly lacking in running backs. Cousins and Jimmy Graham make up a solid QB and TE combo. It’ll be tough overcoming the running backs but with good trades it’ll be fine. Especially if Dez ever gets signed.

CONCLUSION: Great draft, likely to make playoffs and win 1st place.

Not Wimbo (12th pick) B- Wimbo looked good until the 5th round where he drafted Emmanuel Sanders and Devin Funchess back to back. I guess sometimes you gotta throw away some picks to make people think you’re not a threat. Matt Stafford in the 10th was a great pick but he’ll have to stream tight ends all year with George Kittle on his roster.

CONCLUSION: Started strong, had a rough middle then ended okay.


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